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I made a story!: Cupcake Love

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I made a story!: Cupcake Love Empty I made a story!: Cupcake Love

Post by Crushx on Sat Mar 22, 2014 11:08 pm


Today is the day. We’re moving to the South of London, to start a new life. Dad has a girlfriend: Annabella Daysberry and our flat is too small for a ‘Family’ of eight so we have to move there. “It’s a brand-new beginning!” Dad says proudly packing his clothes in the luggage. “Dad, will I have my own room?” I ask willingly zipping my pink luggage. “It’s certain,” he murmurs; scratching his head. I nick a marshmallow from my lunchbox and stuffing it rudely into my mouth. “Lucy?” Dad gasps staring at me. “So-ree!” I apologise. “Not that, we’re going to be late for the flight!” he cries panicking with sweatiness. I pull my luggage along with me saying “Goodbye” to each room, closing each door.

After a long plane flight we arrive in London taking a taxi to Mayleane House. “Here we are, Lucy,” Dad says with his hands on his hips. “What do you think?” he smiles. I gaze up the Victorian-like building, at least we’re not at the edge of the cliff. Right down was cobblestone stairs leading to the beach. “Good thing I bought that old swimsuit of yours,” Dad says stretching. “R-r-right,” I stammer. There was a welcome sign which read 'Welcome Finch & Lucy '.  “Oh is the door open?” Dad wonders. “Seems like it is!” I say happily. I run further and an angry voice calls after me.

A salty smell of popcorn and a mixture of BBQ drifts freely around the house. A face peeps out off a room. “They’re here!” she cries. The girl comes into view , she had her brunette hair bundled into a bun with a fringe effortlessly combed , a hot pink tank-top which read LOVE , denim shorts and Converses. “Hey, are you Lucy?” she asks. “Yup, that’s me,” I answer. “That’s such a pretty name!” she says with her hands on her cheek; jumping up and down. “I’m Mable!” she says blushing. “I’m going to be honest but your name is prettier,” I say fluttering my eyes. Mable flushes crimson. “Sorry Mable Darling,” a woman says coming towards me. Dad comes barging through the door at last. “Where were you?” Dad gasps almost fainting. I raise my eyebrows. “I was waiting for you for you for about 2 or 3 minutes!” I laugh. “Anna!” Dad cries. “Finch!” Anna smiles. The both of them hug each other laughing. “I was afraid you couldn’t make it,” Anna sighs. “Well, we did!” Dads laughs like an evil villain. “Colette, May, Angel, Carmela come down!” Anna calls. “Wait Mum!” a voice shouts. She rolls her eyes like a washing machine. “Sorry about that,” Anna mumbles. “Shall we go outside?” Dad asks pointing to a French-windowed door. “Perhaps we shall since the girls are there!” Anna smiles.
We make our way to the garden and Dad’s and my jaw drops open. They’ve made a life-sized lolly-stick statue of dad! They made me a miniature statue of a dog. “I hope you like it Loo-See!” the girl in long brunette hair says puckering her light pink lips together passing the statue to me. Something tells me we won’t get along. “Hey Colette, catch!” a voice shouts. Suddenly a ball comes racing towards the brunette girl pushing her to the ground. “CARMELA!” she screams in disgust, trying to brush off the filth on her knitted white cardigan. “I was only having a game of footie!” the figure calls coming into view. “Look what you done to my new petticoat!” the girl whispers sniffing with her sky mittens covering her face. “You’re such a cry baby, Colette!” Carmela giggles. “Hey you could’ve apologised!” I snap. “Who are you?” she asks. “Lucy,” I say proudly. “Oh hi!” Carmela laughs holding her dirty hand for a shake. Her T-shirt (Which was representing Manchester United, no.11) was covered in mud and orange juice spilled over her. “Oh Carmel, please change that T-shirt!” Anna cries from the patio making the BBQ. “Fi-ine!” Carmela moans walking off. She turns back and winks at me. “See you later!” she smiles. I smile back but just then two voices call after me. I turn back to see with Carmela leaving me and two girls come charging towards me. “Lucy!” they cry hugging me as soon as they arrive. “Hi!” I say ruffling both their hairs. “That’s Angelica and May, Angel’s the scarlet haired one,” Colette finally speaks again. I grin and nod. Angelica had her hair short and medium-like with ash-blonde highlights and May had her blonde hair in pigtails with a flower to accessorise it. Lolly wore a pink tank-top, jeans and sandals and May wore a beautiful white floral dress with a belt buckled around her hips and white slips-on. “Come on,” Colette says as her brunette hair and fringe sparkle in the breath-taking sunset. “You’ll miss dinner!” she continues with her blue eyes sparkling taking Angel and May with her. “Okay!” I call running after them. Maybe I was wrong about Colette and me not getting along...

This Story May not carry on, but if you like, reply to this topic : )

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