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Foreva's Blog: Edition 2

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Foreva's Blog: Edition 2 Empty Foreva's Blog: Edition 2

Post by Foreva on Sat Dec 21, 2013 10:46 am

I hope nobody minds me starting a new blog. I just would like to start fresh, with a brand new topic.

Today was a snow day.
You know, you would think I would be happy. No.
Today was the day before holiday vacation. We were going to watch a movie and eat pizza.
Bad day for a snow day.
Anyways- what did I do with my snow day, you ask? Well...

I started writing a little fanfic today, but that doesn't really count.
My mom is out getting my birthday cookie cake right now, then I can't eat it because it isn't my birthday. Now I made myself angry.

At least I get over 2 weeks away from homework and school, until the last day when I have to do my homework because I just put it off for the past two weeks.

♫ ♬♫ ♬♫ ♬♫ ♬♫ ♬♫ ♬♫ ♬♫ ♬♫ ♬♫ ♬♫ ♬♫ ♬♫ ♬♫ ♬♫ ♬♫ ♬♫ ♬♫ ♬
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